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Coaching Program – Information Product Creation


This is my personal mentoring and coaching program – Information Product Creation.

Subscription is on a month to month basis. There is no minimum period for subscription.

With this program I help you to create your own information product(s).

You get one-on-one assistance with:

  • Planning your product
  • Creating your own products
  • Ideas for products
  • Structuring
  • Reviewing of your product from start to finish
  • Formatting of your product
  • Marketing Strategies
  • and more

How does it work?

We do this via personal email communication.

I take you through the process, step by step.

You email me your questions and information requests, and I respond to that with detailed replies. Where relevant, my replies may include documents in pdf format, how-to screen shots, screen casts and video.

As far as possible I answer all emails I receive during normal working days within 12 hours, usually quicker. Emails received over weekends are answered on Monday mornings (unless I worked over the weekend and already answered it…).

Please note that I answer all email personally and, as that include preparation of personal solutions for clients, it sometimes takes time.
This is personalized assistance, not some preloaded automated email sequence or a A "one size fits all" type of program. You will get detailed explanations, based on your individual marketing plan, of what to do and how to do it.

If you do this you don't have to spend more money on guides and other information. 

I can't guarantee your success as I can't control your actions and commitment. If you join this program and don't put in the effort, you won't achieve the results you're looking for. You'll only grow your business if you apply what you learn and take advantage of everything I'm offering you here.

What I can guarantee is that you will receive my full commitment and best effort in assisting you. Due to the nature of personal coaching, and that fact that I put a lot of time and effort into each of my clients, I don't offer refunds on this.

The monthly subscription is currently only $97.

You can subscribe via this Paypal link:

pixel Coaching Program   Information Product Creation

I use Paypal as my payment processor – Payment Notice

All debit and credit card payments are securely handled through Paypal, one of the world’s leading payment processing companies. A PayPal subscription can be created during the payment process. All you need to subscribe is either a credit card, a PayPal supported debit card or a Paypal account.

You as a customer are entitled to cancel your subscription at any time.

PayPal will charge your card each month till you cancel your subscription. But if you have a balance on your PayPal account, PayPal will use the balance first before charging your card. I provide services on a month to month basis and you can cancel your subscription at any time. I am confident that you will not want to cancel your subscription.

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