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About the Backlink Search Engine

Having a lot of links pointing to your site used to be a very important factor in the ranking of your site but not anymore…

Lately Google implemented a lot of algoritm and quality changes affecting the raking of websites. This is explained in detail by Barry Schartz and Eric Ward from Search Engine Land in these two posts:

All in all a LOT of changes which is hard to keep up with. To simplify this; I think attention should be given to the following (in my humble opinion):

  • Creating quality content for your site
  • "Getting" relevant and high quality links
  • The integration of social media on your site like , Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Stop trying to "game" the search engine results

The purpose of this post is not to provide an in-depth explanation about linking strategies, backlinks or Google rankings. It should be seen as a general orientation regarding backlinks and a easy why to find websites that might be valueble in a backlinking strategy.

searching for links 300x240 About the Backlink Search Engine

With the Go-247 Backlink Search Engine you can easily find valuable backlinks that may help you to rank higher for you keywords. You can get free access to this valuable tool on this link:

Backlink Search Engine

The tool is easy to use, all you need to do is to insert your keywords, select the type of backlinks (forum, blog, etc) and domain extension (.gov, .edu, .com etc) you are searching for from the dropdown menus, and hit search. The results will be displayed in a new page.

Backlinks (also known as inbound links, incoming links, inlinks or inward links) are incoming hypertext links to a website or web page. Backlinks also point the way to your website and it is a direct method to increase traffic to your site.

Google and most bigger search engines use the number of relevant backlinks as well as the type of links to a specific site as an important indication of the importance, popularity, credibility and authority of a site and thus SERP ranking and Page Rank are influenced by backlinks (that is the simple explanation, there are many more factors involved in Page Rank and SERP ranking).

A relevant link to a site can be compared to a vote for the site.

Considering this it is obvious that the getting (building) of backlinks is an important factor is in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and getting higher rankings on search engines.

Backlinks from authoritative sites with high Page Rank as well as links from .gov and .edu sites are usually of value to the ranking of a site, but please keep in mind, backlinks are only one of many factors influencing the ranking of a website.

For Google it is all about the quality of the search results they deliver to the users. A site with high quality content should rank high.

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