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Online Marketing – Yes, You Can Make Money Online

This is about Online Marketing and and Making Money Online.

Is it possible to make money online?  Yes, You Can Make Money Online!

This site sort of started out as an Internet Marketing site but as I’m busy with lots of other projects this never received much attention. Now I use this site as a platform for testing new and old ideas, my place for sharing  ideas, web resources, information and any other things I find interesting. 

You can expect to see a wide variety of topics in here, but is will mostly related to Making Money Online

I am certainly no marketing “guru” but have been doing this for many years and in this time learned a couple of things about the Internet and Marketing via the Internet. I need to say this, I hate hyped up bull shit, and people who call themselves “gurus” as that is normally part of some hyped scam like, “guru shows you how to make $757.44 in 5 minutes with three clicks of your mouse“. I mean really!! Ok, let me continue before I get carried away with this…

I have been on-line for many years, since the time of the Usenet and BBS’s, since long before people got exited over the “new and very fast” 56k modems in 1998. I mean it was fast, sometimes it loaded a page with lots of graphics within a few minutes!

I am self employed since 2001 and since registering my first domain name on 2006/02/28, have been involved in Internet Marketing.

I own many websites which I use to collect leads and to sell products (digital and physical) and services. Some of these sites make good money and some not. 

This site contains no secret methods or tricks, only solid information that stood the test of time. 

This is the REAL THING, the stuff that works, the things you need to do to make money online!

Please take note that some links and images on this site  will contain affiliate links to products and services, as I said, I’m a marketer icon smile Online Marketing   Yes, You Can Make Money Online

If you don’t know what an affiliate link is, here is a short explanation – if you click on a link that contains my affiliate code and then, through that link, go to a site and buy something or subscribe to a paid service I will receive a commission. BUT you are under no obligation to use any of my links to buy or sign up for anything…

I don’t do the hyped up marketing thing with lost of screen shots showing ridiculous earnings, pages of testimonials, the grand car, the million dollar mansion, the yacht or any other fake crap. 

I only promote marketing products that I use myself. 

I don’t like to to make any income claims, but, as most people are interested in earnings and the potential for earnings I will say is this, two of my sites together (both are lead generation sites), creates about $7000 per month, some months less and some months more.


If you subscribe to my email newsletter in the yellow bar below you will receive some emails from me with more information, free stuff like ebooks and an occasional offer for a worthwhile product. I respect your privacy and will not bombard your Inbox with offers for every new product and scam. I detest that kind of marketing! At the bottom of each email from me you will also see a unsubscribe link, just click on it if you feel the need to unsubscribe and you will not receive any more emails from me.

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English is not my first language so my apologies for any mistakes!

About Me

A quick word about me, my name is Manie Esterhuizen, I am an entrepeneur from sunny South Africa and I am blessed with two beautiful daughters!

I am currently training for the 89 kilometer (56 miles) Comrades Ultra Marathon that normally takes place in the month of May or June. I entered and qualified in 2011, but due to an injury I could not take part (a huge dissapointment after months and months of preparation). 


work from home pot of gold 150x150 Online Marketing   Yes, You Can Make Money Online

Yes, You Can Make Money Online